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What is the worth of your wealth?


For some clients, investment management is all that is needed for a client to achieve their objectives, but many of our clients prefer a more comprehensive approach – especially when they realize that a tax or estate planning mistake could cost 50% of value or more, wiping out years of investment returns.  It’s crucial someone is paying attention to these facets of your wealth.  Our process is designed to understand the client’s complete situation and uncover risks and blind spots.

A personal balance sheet provides a clear picture into a client's financial story. We see the complexity of assets, ownership, liabilities and risks, while also developing a scorecard that measures our success overtime.


Is my money working for me? What are my risks? Am I prepared for the future? Is my family ready?

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If you have ever felt overwhelmed by coordinating multiple advisors or organizing your assets and liabilities, we understand. We have designed our approach around solving the complexities of managing not only your financial portfolio, but your entire wealth management outlook and risk factors. 

Simplifying and navigating this complex ecosystem to allow you to realize the real worth of your wealth and DO MORE, for your family, your community and your future.  


The Plum Pointe team has experience at both small and large institutions and has served a diverse client set. That experience is now being delivered in a high-service niche model.

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