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A Wealth Management Firm Built For Clients

We simplify and navigate today's financial complexities to create a better world for our clients.


We were founded on the belief that we can create greater value to clients by improving the existing model. Maximizing client value is at the heart of every single business decision.

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

Our focus is long term, we are patient with capital and driven to create value.


We are fiduciaries and clients come first.




Realize the worth of your wealth.
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Plum Pointe Wealth Management was founded on the belief that we can provide greater value to clients by improving the existing model for financial advising and wealth management. To do that, we start by questioning everything. It’s an instinct that we come by naturally.


Our President and Founder, Brian Dunckley, is a scientist at heart. With a degree in Biology from the University of Michigan, he leveraged his understanding of the scientific method to create a new approach to wealth management.


As a CFP® with experience at Morgan Stanley and BNY Mellon Wealth Management, Brian founded Plum Pointe Wealth Management to create a firm that could improve on old standards through innovation, analysis and a deep understanding of the goals and objectives of each client. 


From initial discovery interviews to portfolio deep dives, the goal of our firm is to gain the most comprehensive view of clients possible. When we clearly identify each client’s objectives, values, concerns and potential biases or blind spots, we can create the best possible roadmap for financial success.




In 1938, Plum Beach Lighthouse survived one of Rhode Island’s most devastating hurricanes. The storm was powerful enough to destroy entire beach communities and wash away nearby lighthouses. Plum Beach Lighthouse withheld, survived and protected those who took shelter inside. This lighthouse is a symbol that when we start with a strong foundation and a well-considered plan, we can weather any storm.


While still in the grip of winter, before the snow has melted away, the plum tree blossoms. As winter's harsh landscape is still barren in dormancy, the plum tree forges ahead, charting its course, reminding us that spring is eternal, that there is always a path forward, always a reason to hope. Each plum blossom has five petals representing virtue, prosperity, endurance, longevity and health, all meaningful ideals for our firm and our clients’ wellbeing.  


Finally, Plum Pointe can trace its roots to a very modest home on a modest street named Plum.  A street in a small midwestern town, where everyone knows everyone by name, where integrity and personal reputation take a lifetime to build and a moment to lose. A place where your customers are also your neighbors, and a handshake is as good as any legal contract. Plum Street is a reminder of where we come from, our values, and our commitment to doing the right thing for our clients.

Our Story


As Fiduciaries harnessing the freedoms of being entrepreneurs with a platform to push boundaries and find new ways to connect with clients, we bring traditional, institutional knowledge with a diverse set of experiences. 

These invaluable experiences leverage the scientific method to make decisions, and lead us to realize the best way to achieve client value is to evolve and re-engineer the wealth management business, harnessing our expertise for the sole benefit of clients.

In short, we have more diverse experience than your "typical" financial advisor AND consider ourselves to  be scientists of comprehensive wealth and investment management. 

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