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Do more with your wealth.

Whether you are in need of a family CFO or a trusted advisor for your business, our innovative approach will change the way you think about your wealth management firm.

We take a very comprehensive approach to wealth management, examining and uncovering risks and opportunities across our client's entire balance sheet. Investment management is our core competency, where we apply many Modern Portfolio Theory principals intertwined with investment best practices and optimized with the most impactful innovations.

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Why is this approach to wealth management critical?

Mistakes in these wealth management disciplines can be damaging - potentially catastrophic.

A tax mistake might cost 30% of value or more. An estate planning mistake could cost 50% of value or more. It’s crucial that someone is paying attention to these facets of your wealth. Our process is designed to understand the client’s situation and uncover all components of the financial household, even a client’s blind spots. From there, we work with and coordinate the client's other advisors (CPA, attorney, etc.). 

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We service 


Professionals and Families, Ultra-High-Net-Worth Families and Small Business Owners, taking a thoroughly multi-generational approach. 


Wealth Management 

We take a very comprehensive and holistic approach to a client’s wealth. We create a Balance Sheet with each client, which also helps to serve as a scorecard. We analyze and optimize liabilities, evaluate tax considerations, and take a close look at estate planning issues and concerns.  We also dive deep to provide comprehensive risk management strategies. 


Family Office

We understand that communication between generations can be extremely difficult. We help to answer questions like:  


How do we prepare the next generation for wealth? How should we approach legacy conversations? How do we communicate and build a shared philosophy? 


These needs can be addressed in some very specific and creative ways: family governance meetings, communication pieces designed specifically for the next generation (in several formats, including video), the 100 Year Family Plan, custom modules or educational events.


Endowments and Foundations

Investment management is the core delivery for endowments and foundations. We balance the needs of the foundation with the ability of the endowment to sustain well into the future.


Governance is crucial.  We help develop and implement an investment policy, and establish best practices in review of that policy and in its governance.  Entities have boards and committees, and communication and education of directors and members is important and often overlooked. 


Investment Management

Investment management is our core focus, and the core need we service for our client population. We offer access to top-tier managers leveraging the most efficient structures, directly negotiating with them to minimize client costs. We have a robust due diligence process to select managers and design strategic and tactical asset allocation strategies, which is the most important decision to be made when building a portfolio.


Small Business Services

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we are a unique breed. And who better to create a service experience than a fellow business owner?  We understand you.

Along with investment and wealth management, risk management strategies are critical to be prepared for both the expected and the unexpected. We practice what we preach from preparing for an exit strategy to connecting with M&A advisors, investment bankers, business valuation experts, etc. 


Frequently, lending is a crucial need, and Plum Pointe brings the added advantage of being able to leverage your personal assets in addition to business assets to structure an optimal lending package. Many times, the business is the center of an owner's life. As personal and business needs may blend together, planning should be all encompassing and comprehensive.

The Plum Pointe team has experience at both small and large institutions and has served a diverse client set. That experience is now being delivered in a high-service niche model.

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