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A wealth management firm built for clients.

We simplify and navigate today’s financial complexities to create a better world for our clients. 

Do more with your wealth.

Our goal is to help our clients navigate the fog that often comes with financial management. From the complexities of personal finance to the hidden structure behind larger firms, we feel that clients have the right to be engaged in their wealth management process, have access to a family CFO and receive transparent, personalized guidance by like-minded independent advisors.

-Brian Dunckley, President and CFP®



A process designed to understand the clients complete situation. Navigating, integrating and simplifying a complex world.

What’s the true worth of your wealth?



A Data-Driven and Customized Approach with Innovative Solutions

We are patient allocators of capital relentlessly focused on creating value.


Our commitment to our clients begins with a solid UNDERSTANDING of your needs. We take the time to learn what your life and financial objectives are and what keeps you awake at night. This helps us understand your behavioral patterns so we can help you make the best possible financial decisions. With a complete picture, we can uncover any blind spots and build a stronger strategy.


Once we understand your specific and unique situation, we perform rigorous ANALYSIS of your portfolio, decision making process, preferences and concerns. We assess your assets, risks, shortfalls and opportunities to learn where we can add value, and how we can best deliver that value to you.


A successful plan requires open COMMUNICATION. We want you to understand and be part of the process. We're dedicated to keeping you informed, with continuous monitoring and updates so that we can gather feedback and adapt strategies when needed.


Your solid financial plan is worth very little to you without proper EXECUTION. We are on the forefront of innovation, leveraging the most powerful technology platforms in the industry, and have close relationships with several institutions, the sum total of which is a powerful and efficient platform focused on delivering maximum value to you.

The Plum Pointe team has experience at both small and large institutions and has served a diverse client set. That experience is now being delivered in a high-service niche model.

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