We are at the beginning stages of a period of incredible innovation in financial services. For years, innovations focused on products.  Some of these innovations were very good for clients (think mutual funds and ETFs), but, unfortunately, a few of these innovations were very bad, or were used in ways that turned out to be very bad (think the packaging of sub-prime mortgage products that facilitated the financial crisis of 2008). 

Traditional firms and those representing the “old way” of doing business will continue to struggle with how to effectively deal with these innovations (in no small part because incorporating such innovations will have the effect of decreasing their bottom line). 

Plum Pointe will be at the epicenter of analyzing, optimizing and incorporating new innovations in ways that improve clients’ bottom line, for three reasons:



    To be conflict-of-interest-free, a firm must have the right culture and structure. Specifically, at the ownership level where decisions are made, it must be independent from any influence that may have an interest contrary to clients. At Plum Pointe, we feel this is best accomplished by being privately owned, where principals have a vested interest in the firm and its clients. Plum Pointe is 100% employee owned, providing the freedom to make all decisions in the best interest of the client.  With a focus on adding value to clients, and making every decision in that context, we believe the rest will take care of itself.


    Brian, our co-founder and President, began his career as a scientist. This provides our framework for making decisions- research, verify from independent sources and question everything. This framework allows Plum Pointe to make solid decisions for clients in all matters of their wealth, and simultaneously make the right decisions on business practices such as incorporating new ideas, innovations, technologies, etc. To help clients, we must address the emotional component of decisions and help educate clients on the behavioral impact to decision making. 


    It’s simple- every decision is made in the best interest of the client. Every single decision. There are no parties on the other side of the client with any competing interests- no public shareholders, no unfavorable compensation arrangements, no special deals to any third party.  Everything brought to the client’s table is designed to add value, optimally.